Site Updating Coming Soon!

CLASH Tournaments is coming back after a short hiatus and will be better than ever! We are expanding to include Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 with a new tournament series starting next week, Thursday Night CLASH! In addition to this, CLASH Tournaments will soon have its own domain name, so it will be easier than ever to get to the CLASH Tournaments website. Details on the update coming soon.


Welcome to CLASH Tournaments!

You’re at the new CLASH Tournaments website, your one stop location for all details and information related to the CLASH Tournament series! All important information will still be published to standard websites such as Smash World Forums and All is Brawl, but this website will take you the extra mile.

This website will bridge the gap between every event, truly making it a series. You’ll be able to find news and information on each event, even written and published during each tournament in progress! Want to know about the exciting upsets that happen at each event? Stay tuned to this website for details, pictures, and interviews from the players you want to hear about.