Starting off with CLASH 1, Bawls has promised to send one of their ‘Bags O’ Swag’ to be given away. I will choose one random person who entered Brawl Singles at the event to give it away to!

Jabsy.com is a new social networking service that aims to take the update frenzy in our world and bring in the new aspect of location to all posts. Posts, otherwise known as ‘jabs’, each have a location tied to it that is automatically retrieved for you, or it can be set custom. Visitors to the site can then search for jabs within a certain mile radius of their location (or a specific location provided), comment on other jabs, and even link to their Facebook account. Jabsy will be on site at CLASH with a laptop set up for people to check out their new website/service, and will be handing out some swag for the attendees!

I want to thank vVv for all the work they have done in the Brawl community, reaching out to players looking for sponsorship and providing what no one else has done yet for us. I am currently working to see if we can receive any cool giveaways for the event, but regardless everyone is still welcome to check out the community at vVv-Gaming.com.

The largest Super Smash Bros. community out there, I want to give a big thanks to the staff at Smash World Forums for providing top notch forums and discussions all based around Super Smash Bros. Without their forums it would be impossible to advertise my event to the extent I am able to.

All is Brawl is the leader in the online community for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, offering a top notch ladder system for players to practice against the entire world of Brawlers at home. To show thanks for bringing us some of the best pros we have today and helping advertise my event, I am offering the discount for dedicated wifi ladder competitors who attend CLASH.


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