Next Event

When: September 3rd, 2011
Where: 90 Leonardine Ave, South River, NJ
Games: Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Melee
Price: $10 Venue; $10 Brawl Singles; $20 per team Brawl Teams; Melee is half price

Brawl: Unity Ruleset; Click here for more details.
Melee: MBR Official Ruleset; Click here for more details.

Brawl Singles: Under 64 entrants: 55/25/10/5/2.5; 64+ entrants: 50/25/12/5/2.5/1.5
Brawl Doubles: Under 24 teams: 60/30/10; 24+ teams: 55/30/10/5
Melee Singles: Under 32 entrants: 60/30/10; 32+ entrants: 55/25/10/5/2.5
Melee Doubles: Under 8 teams: 65/35; 8+ teams: 60/30/10
Payouts will likely be rounded to the nearest dollar or five dollars


All is Brawl Online Ladder Discount: Wifi has brought upon us some of the best professional players we continue to see today. Anti, Ally, ADHD, and many more have a great history playing on Wifi, especially through All is Brawl. AiB is currently hosting a month long “Brawl ‘Til Fall” ladder that is going on from August 1st to August 31st. If you have played at least 25 matches on the ladder (wins or losses don’t matter) then you will receive $3 off your venue fee for CLASH. You must use your own AiB account and not someone elses. If your AiB account is under a different name than your regular tag, I suggest changing it to avoid confusion. I will be noting down everyone’s ladder records on August 31st to use at this tournament. For details on AiB’s ladder please visit this page here.

Setup Discount: Similar to most tournaments, I will be offering a discount for those who bring setups. If you bring a full Brawl setup (TV + Wii + Brawl), and if you are in the first 12 Brawl setups at the venue, you will receive a $3 voucher. If you bring a full Melee setup (TV + Cube/Wii + Melee), and if you are in the first 6 Melee setups at the venue, you will receive a $2 voucher. Instead of receiving money off at sign up, you instead receive this voucher. You may then redeem this voucher at any time past 7:00pm in exchange for the value on the voucher. This is done to prevent people leaving early with their setups.

Melee Only Discount: If you are attending CLASH 1 for Melee only, you will only pay a $5 venue fee instead of the full $10. Melee is a side event compared to the main focus of Brawl at this event, and with fewer setups and entrants, I am offering this reduced fee, though the set up discount for Melee is slightly reduced as well. This discount may be combined with the setup discount.

Testing Grounds:

The Smash community has been vocal in wanting to test out new rules for our game. It will be fun and interesting to search for new potential rules for Brawl to make it a more enjoyable game for players and spectators. While we are far from ready to modify main events with new ideas, I am going to hold what I am calling the Testing Grounds at CLASH tournaments.

As the main singles bracket is coming to an end, I will start the Testing Grounds bracket. Anyone who placed 9th or 13th in Singles may enter this for free. It is not required to enter this bracket, and you may pass your spot to the next person in line (those who placed 17th). This 8 person bracket will be a separate side-event utilizing new rules. It will be a fun way to see the game in a different light, while entertaining well placing players after they are done the main event. These matches will coincide with the top 8 of the singles bracket. Testing Grounds brackets will be either single or double elimination, chosen on the day of the event based on time.

The rules for the Testing Grounds bracket at CLASH 1 will be the following:

All sets are best of 3
All matches are 2 stocks
The time limit for all matches is 5 minutes
The LGL is reduced from 35/50 to 20/30 (Meta Knight/All Others)

All other rules will remain the same.

You can also find CLASH 1 on Smashboards and AllisBrawl


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