A Moment With Keitaro – Testing Grounds Winner

vVv ChiboSempai: So Keitaro, you won the Testing Grounds bracket today, where players got to try out Brawl in a competitive scene with 2 stock matches. You won the 8 person single elimination bracket beating Umbra, Xzax, and vVv Cheese. Congrats, do you have any thoughts?

Keitaro: Was pretty fun.  I went in thinking I wouldn’t win but I somehow came on top.  The matches were sooo fast!  I actually really liked it.  Makes me wonder why this wasn’t considered in the past.

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A Moment With Jbandrew

vVv ChiboSempai: Hi Jbandrew, you’re here at the CLASH 1 tournament currently in the singles bracket. You just finished an exciting match vs Kingtoon, how did that go?

Jbandrew: It went good. Kingtoon is a really  good player. The first two games were really clutch and close, but on game 3 he decided to go Kirby vs my MK when I cp’ed delfino. I 2 stocked him. I think that was his downfall; he probably didn’t think I knew the kirby matchup.

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Interview With Nairo

CLASH 1 is coming up in just a couple short days, and I have a special guest here for all of you, Nairo! I had the pleasure of chatting with Nairo for a short interview tonight.

vVv ChiboSempai: In this interview I would like to welcome all of you to Nairo – one of the best players in the NJ/NY region. Nairo is an incredibly skilled player at the game, is one of the best Meta Knight mains, and he’s only 14 years old! I’ve been friends with Nairo for a while and have been to many tournaments with him, but what caught my eye to have him be the first interviewee on the CLASH website was that he was one of the earliest “top players” to confirm his attendance for CLASH 1. So how are you doing tonight Nairo? Are you excited for CLASH 1 coming up in just a couple of days?

Nairo: I’m doing fine thanks for asking. Yes I am excited because I think I can win the whole tourney without all people who usually beat me like Anti and ADHD. 😀

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