Current Standings Are Updated

Just to let everyone know, the Current Standings have been updated with the results from CLASH 1. In the standings, everyone starts at 1,600 points and will increase or decrease based on who you beat or lose to in tournament in order. Because of this, the results did not turn out to be the exact same as the final placements of CLASH 1, but are similar. The Current Standings will be updated after each event. Players can use this to track their progress, and they may even be used in the future to seed events. You can view the page here.


CLASH Tournaments Facebook Page

The same day I set up this website, I also set up the CLASH Tournaments Facebook Page. It’s a great way for fans and attendees of the CLASH series to connect with each other, and check out news and pictures from the events!

Unfortunately linking to pages on Facebook is a pain unless you have a custom URL, which can not be made until you have at least 25 followers. Earlier tonight I hit that amount, so now linking to the CLASH Tournaments Facebook Page is quite easy! Check out for the official Facebook page, and be sure to tell your friends! Additionally, you can see the Facebook widget on the right side of this website, and like it directly from here!

CLASH 1 – September 3rd, 2011

Ready for the first CLASH event? It’s coming up soon! In just 8 short days the first CLASH will go down in South River, NJ packed with action for Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Melee!

When: September 3rd, 2011
Where: 90 Leonardine Ave, South River, NJ
Games: Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Melee
Price: $10 Venue; $10 Brawl Singles; $20 per team Brawl Teams; Melee is half price

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The CLASH Livestream

A few days ago I set up everything related to the stream for the first event, CLASH 1. This livestream will be hosted on Twitch TV, the new site dedicated to streaming video games with pristine quality. I have three camera views set up, main gameplay, commentators, and the players. There are three different views that display these cameras in different fashion, mixed together with the CLASH and sponsor logos. Beyond that, I even have a way to display the brackets in progress on the livestream!

Enough of talking about, you guys can see for yourselves from this saved broadcast of a test stream I did: Testing for CLASH 1

Welcome to CLASH Tournaments!

You’re at the new CLASH Tournaments website, your one stop location for all details and information related to the CLASH Tournament series! All important information will still be published to standard websites such as Smash World Forums and All is Brawl, but this website will take you the extra mile.

This website will bridge the gap between every event, truly making it a series. You’ll be able to find news and information on each event, even written and published during each tournament in progress! Want to know about the exciting upsets that happen at each event? Stay tuned to this website for details, pictures, and interviews from the players you want to hear about.