A Moment With Keitaro – Testing Grounds Winner

vVv ChiboSempai: So Keitaro, you won the Testing Grounds bracket today, where players got to try out Brawl in a competitive scene with 2 stock matches. You won the 8 person single elimination bracket beating Umbra, Xzax, and vVv Cheese. Congrats, do you have any thoughts?

Keitaro: Was pretty fun.  I went in thinking I wouldn’t win but I somehow came on top.  The matches were sooo fast!  I actually really liked it.  Makes me wonder why this wasn’t considered in the past.

vVv ChiboSempai: Do you think this could become a tournament standard?

Keitaro: I really doubt the tournament rule standards will change but if it became this, I would find it acceptable.  I still think SDs would be a problem since you only have 1 stock to come back but the player will just have to fight it out.

vVv ChiboSempai: Who did you use in the tournament, and how do you think this style could change your main, if at all?

Keitaro: I didn’t feel like going Falco so I went all MK beating Umbra 2-0 Xzax 2-1 and Cheese 3-0.  I felt like I was playing a shoryuken figher since the matches were so fast and not as annoying since they weren’t so long. Although I didn’t use Falco I think this ruleset works better for him as getting one cg would mean a lot more than it normally would in a 3 stock game.


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