A Moment With Jbandrew

vVv ChiboSempai: Hi Jbandrew, you’re here at the CLASH 1 tournament currently in the singles bracket. You just finished an exciting match vs Kingtoon, how did that go?

Jbandrew: It went good. Kingtoon is a really  good player. The first two games were really clutch and close, but on game 3 he decided to go Kirby vs my MK when I cp’ed delfino. I 2 stocked him. I think that was his downfall; he probably didn’t think I knew the kirby matchup.

vVv ChiboSempai: After a loss to ADHD after Kingtoon, it seems that in the losers bracket you may be facing Keitaro or Seph, both crew mates of yours. How do you think this will go?

Jbandrew: It’s really frustrating to have to play two really close friends and crewmates, but its all in a toss in my opinion. Keitaro is really good and Seph has been stepping it up recently. I’m sure that they’ll be close sets. Hopefully I can pull through though!! 🙂

vVv ChiboSempai: Thanks for your time!


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