Introducing The CLASHPORT

Introducing a new aspect exclusive to CLASH Tournaments, the CLASHPORT. This is an idea I’ve had for a long time I’ve been wanting to implement into a tournament series, and am glad to finally unveil it to all of you. Every paid attendee (paying a venue fee, regardless of events entered) to a CLASH Tournament receives one free CLASHPORT. Your CLASHPORT keeps track of CLASH events you have been to, sort of like a CLASH Passport, hence the name.

The CLASHPORT is simple in design, but has a lot of room to grow as a concept. In essence, it is a piece of paper, but it is unique to each and every person. The front of the CLASHPORT features the new CLASHPORT logo, a line for you to write in your gamertag, a line for your state and region, and the URL of the CLASH Tournaments website so you won’t forget where to go to check out all the information you could need for CLASH events! Here is a mockup of the front of the CLASHPORT:

You unfold the CLASHPORT like a miniature book, and the inside is blank… for now. Every time you attend a CLASH Tournament, a sticker will be placed inside your CLASHPORT with the logo of that tournament, essentially proving that you have been to that event. The more events you attend, the more stickers you will gain in your CLASHPORT! Here is a mockup of the inside:

So what is the purpose of the CLASHPORT? While I can’t say exactly for now, there are tons of possibilities! In the future I will be offering discounts based on user’s CLASHPORTs. For instance, I may have a discount for the fourth event saying that if you have attended every CLASH event so far, you receive $x off. To prove this to us during registration, instead of taking time to look up all of the results, you can just show up your CLASHPORT with stickers for the first three events in it.

Every paid attendee of a CLASH Tournament receives one free CLASHPORT. If you need a replacement (which will include looking up to see which events you have attended to put past event stickers in it), it will likely be a dollar or so and will be offered starting at CLASH 2. I have other neat I’m working on I hope to see in the future. One of my ideas (which is far from completion though) is a CLASHPORT PRO, which features the CLASHPORT made on high quality card stock, an image of your main, and name and region printed on there instead of being written on manually. I could do something like charge $5 for a CLASHPORT PRO then make it so every future event you show up to with your CLASHPORT PRO, you receive a dollar off the venue fee.

The limitations of the CLASHPORT system are endless, and I hope all of you are as excited about this as I am!


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